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Pool Water & Legionella Management

Regular monitoring and maintenance of pool water quality ensures a safe and enjoyable swimming experience.

Pool Water Management


Professional Water Management in the North West

North West Pools & Water Management offer Professional Water Management services in the North West region.

With experienced technicians who are dedicated to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of swimming pools and other water systems, you can rest assured our team will carry out the inspections needed to keep you safe.

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Our team is experienced and qualified in all aspects of water management

hse certification

hse certification

All our technicians are HSE certified and carry out inspections with care.



We cover all throughout the North West for Water and Legionella Management

5 Star Rated

5 Star Rated

We have built a reputation on becoming the leading Water Management Service NW.

Legionella Management

Legionella management is a critical aspect of building and facility management as it involves minimizing the risk of Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks through proper water system maintenance and control measures. Implementing an effective Legionella management plan can help prevent the spread of this serious illness and protect public health.

Whats Safe?

If your sample has more than 1000 CFU/l, then you must resample the system and undertake an immediate review of control measures, as well as do a risk assessment to identify remedial action, including possible disinfection

Popular Plan

Standard Plan

Basic Pool Water management services and testing.

Price Upon Inspection

*Service carried out twice a quarter


Bespoke Management Plans

We have a variety of plans available to fit all customers, both domestic and commercial.

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We always leave our customers happy and satisfied with the job.

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